3001 – 3600 Minutes

This post is the sixth in a series about my 2020 100 Day Project called 6000 Minutes.  In a nutshell, I am spending 60 minutes each Monday thru Friday for 100 Days working on projects and sharing the results.  You can read more about my thoughts and how I came up with this project on the original post here.  These blog posts are about the finished projects.  For the daily in-progress posts, follow me on Instagram or Facebook.


On Day 51, I finished In This Together, which you can see in the post for minutes 2401-3000.

I’m always behind in reading magazines and when I finally read QuiltCon magazine I got very excited.  I’ve been a fan of the work of Heidi Parkes for quite some time and was lucky enough to meet her at QuiltCon in February.  The magazine included a project of hers called the Scavenger Hunt quilt.  Instead of being a pattern, it is a series of instructions, step-by-step, that lead each maker to create a quilt that is similar, but all their own.  I almost never make things following someone else’s plan, but this idea really captured my imagination and curiosity and I decided to dive in!  I spent days 52-57 creating my version of the Scavenger Hunt quilt top.  Heidi recommends hand quilting it to finish and I’d love to do that.  However, I already have several hand projects in progress so am not starting it now.  It was a lot of fun to make a quilt this way and I highly recommend it.  You can buy the magazine here.  The quilt top is 40″ square.


On Days 58 and 59, I made Threads of Caring.  This piece was inspired by my first pandemic trip to Trader Joe’s.  There was a long line to get in as they were limiting the number of customers in the store at any one time.  Everyone in line was spaced 6 feet apart.  It was very calm and orderly.  That is not to say a few people didn’t drive up, look at the line, and leave.  This is a new thing and many of us did not anticipate a line and a lengthy wait.  It took me 50 minutes, but it was worth the wait to get things that my mother wanted.  I chose gold thread to highlight the value that everyone placed on each other’s health.  10″ x 10″ mounted on canvas.  Available here.


Please see the post for Minutes 3601 – 4200 for Day 60.  Day 60’s project is a mini series with Days 61-65, so I’ve included them all together.




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