Fabric Information:

For my River Run version of Sedimentary, I used the following Robert Kaufman Kona solids:

Greens: Avocado – 1 1/2 yards (body of quilt + binding)

Basil, Bonsai, Chartreuse, Grass Green, Palm, Peapod, Peridot – 3/4 yard each

Blues: Copen, Prussian, Regatta, Riviera, Surf – one fat quarter of each


As hard as I try, sometimes an error escapes notice.  My apologies for any confusion this causes!  If you find an error, please let me know so I can fix it in future editions of the pattern and note it here to help everyone make their quilts.

Third Street Neighborhood: Under the cutting instructions for the wall and throw quilt it should read:

For the wall and (throw) quilts: From each fat quarter, cut a 4½” x 18″ strip, a 5½” x 18″ strip and an 8½” x 18″ strip.

If you purchased this pattern in 2016 or later, this correction has been made to your pattern. Only those printed or downloaded earlier than that may need clarification.

River Run – 54″ x 72″