4201 – 4800 Minutes

This post is the eighth in a series about my 2020 100 Day Project called 6000 Minutes.  In a nutshell, I am spending 60 minutes each Monday thru Friday for 100 Days working on projects and sharing the results.  You can read more about my thoughts and how I came up with this project on the original post here.  These blog posts are about the finished projects.  For the daily in-progress posts, see my feeds on Instagram or Facebook.


For Days 71 – 75, I continued working on Lines #6 – Connected.  I had started the quilting on Day 70 and finished it on Day 73.  It took me two days to add the facing (which is like binding, but doesn’t show).  You can read more about the beginning of this project in the previous blog post here.






On Days 76 – 81 I worked on another organic line/connected piece, Lines #7.  This one is much smaller (Lines 6 was 40″ x 30″), finishing at about 30″ x 12″.  In addition to creating the top and completing the quilting, I used some of my “minutes” to add a label and hanging sleeve.  These finishing steps are important and tend to pile up if I don’t do them as part of completing the piece.  It also helps me mentally move on to the next piece if the previous one is completely finished.


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