Some handwork

My handwork group (Seven Sisters) meets every two weeks.  After I finished the appliqué on my Very Long Term Project, I didn’t want to jump into a new long term project just to have something to do.  Given the time of the year, snowflake designs were on my mind.  I’d thought about piecing some, but wasn’t in the mood for fussing with the diamonds (too much holiday craziness filling my mind!).

So my thoughts turned to appliqué .  Usually, I would just cut out the shape I wanted and sew it down onto the background.  But, with this particular shape, I thought reverse appliqué would work too and decided to do it that way.  I haven’t done much non-bias appliqué in a while, so I’m a little rusty and some of my diamonds are a bit wobbly.  However, it was a fun little project and reminds me how soothing this kind of work is.  And it provided me with a project for my Seven Sisters meetings.  I haven’t made a final decision as to my next longer term handwork project (hopefully, not as long term as the last one), but I have a couple of ideas and am narrowing it down.

If you aren’t familiar with reverse appliqué , you put the fabric underneath the background instead of on top.  Then you cut away the top (background) fabric to show the fabric underneath.  In this case, I basted the white fabric behind the red.  I drew my design on the red fabric.  Then I cut down the center of what became the white snowflake lines and needle turned the red fabric under.

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    It's beautiful.

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