Free pattern expiring…

 In an effort to keep the blog a little fresh, I am removing my Triangle Maze free pattern download on May 10, 2011.  Over 200 people have downloaded the patterns since I made it available early last year.  If you have always meant to download it and haven’t done it yet, time is running out.

The three quilts I made from this pattern include Confetti Maze, Blueberry Lime Fizz and Choppy Seas.  I think Confetti Maze is my favorite but, of course, I like the others too 🙂

This pattern really shows how fabric choices make such a change in a quilt.  In Choppy Seas (bottom), I used medium blues for all the background fabrics and dark blue and white for the triangles.  You can see that the triangles stand out the most and the medium blues kind of fade into the background.  In Blueberry Lime Fizz (center), I used four fabrics.  The dark blue and white for the triangle strips are nearly the same as in Choppy Seas, but the lime green background strips really stand out and make an interesting secondary pattern of “L” shapes.  The periwinkle blue fabric stays in the background visually.  In Confetti Maze (top), I used white for the background and half of the triangles, putting the emphasis on the bright triangles.

This is such a fun quilt to make and at 45″ x 60″ is a great size too.
Which version do you like best?  Do you ever make the same quilt twice (or more) with different fabrics?
  • NancyinSTL
    Posted at 00:07h, 06 May Reply

    I like them all, but I like the Confetti Maze the most. Thanks for the free patten.

    So far, I have not made the same quilt twice with different fabrics. However, I do plan to make at least two more "Clothesline" quilts, for which I've already purchased the fabrics. Also, I will definitely make one or more additional "New Wave" quilts because I love the pattern so much. Both of these quilts were designed by Elizabeth Hartman.

  • Mary
    Posted at 04:14h, 27 April Reply

    I like one and two. I think the second is my favorite. Love the colors. Thanks for reminding my I want to make one. Thanks for the freebie.

  • True Blue Nana
    Posted at 01:15h, 27 April Reply

    Great pattern, thanks for making it free for awhile. I sent you an email a few days ago but I never heard from you. I was in the Gwen workshop with you when you made the green quilt with the shots of pink. Yes I do make quilts using the same pattern they always look different! It is amazing.

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