Not quite ready for hot pads

I had planned to do a post/tutorial either yesterday or today on the holiday hot pad.  It seemed pretty simple.  I already have all the directions written out.  All I needed to do was a little sewing, take a few pictures and… done!

But, naturally, I had to complicate things.  The hot pad I showed earlier was made of one fabric.  I decided that was a little dull and wanted to put a tree on the version for the tutorial.  Just a simple tall, skinny evergreen.  Quite some time, and many triangles later, I was no closer to a tree pattern.  Now, in my own defense, I have never made a quilt with isosceles triangles using a pattern written by someone else, much less designed my own.

With my recent post on applique in the back of my mind, I decided to applique the tree instead.  So much faster and simpler!  Now, I can get things back on track.

Unfortunately, today is filled with non-sewing commitments.  I hope to have the post up Tuesday or Wednesday.

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