Placemats finally!

We have badly needed some new placemats at our house. Despite the amount of time I spend sewing, I have neglected this area. Also, with the addition of my mom to our household, the set of four placemats I made several years ago means we are one short.

I decided to use the house block I designed for my bee and add a section on the side to make the right size. These are 12″ x 16″.

I collect fabric with words on it. I prefer handwriting style, but sometimes I buy the typeface style too. The combination of the words and this green color made this fabric one that had to join the collection. I think it looks great as houses. Unfortunately, I did not keep a note of the fabric line. The doors are scraps of orange/red from my scrap pile. The light grey (sky) is McKenna Ryan Glacier Lights and the med grey dots and dark grey texture are from David Textiles.

I quilted the house block areas the same for all the placemats and quilted each of the dark grey areas differently. I used a variety of triangle and rectangle shapes and straight lines.

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