About This Project

6000 Minutes

I loved finishing a project every day during the past three years of 100 Day Projects.  It is immensely satisfying to finish something – to, metaphorically at least, cross it off the list and share it with people who care about fabric and art as I do.

However, as I’ve been doing this kind of work for ten years now and often been working on a deadline, whether self-imposed as the 100 Day Projects or external, I have acquired a tendency to work too quickly.  I feel the time pressure.  I hesitate to stop and re-evaluate a project – does that line need to move a bit?  Are those lines making a shape I like?  Is that stitching too uneven or messy?  It isn’t that I am necessarily unhappy with the results, but with how I feel during the process.  I want to be more relaxed and process-focused and less product-focused.

So, for 2020, instead of rules about WHAT I am making, I set rules about HOW I was making.  There is one rule and it is very simple:  work for 60 minutes a day.  If I finish something-great, if not, also great.  I called the project 6000 Minutes to emphasize the greater quantity of time (as opposed to 100 Days or 100 Hours).  There are a lot of minutes – no need to rush.




More information on these pieces is listed below.  If you are interested in purchasing one of them, please contact me at debbie@debbiegrifka.com.


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