1801 – 2400 Minutes

This post is the fourth in a series about my 2020 100 Day Project called 6000 Minutes.  In a nutshell, I am spending 60 minutes each Monday thru Friday for 100 Days working on projects and sharing the results.  You can read more about my thoughts and how I came up with this project on the original post here.  These blog posts are about the finished projects.  For the daily in-progress posts, follow me on Instagram or Facebook.


From time to time my love of bias encourages me to play with improv curves and my fondness for neutrals invites me to stray from my beloved black and white.  I called this piece Sailing as it reminded me of a ship when finished.  It is Kona white on Kona bone and I worked on it for days 31-35, finishing the quilting outside of  this project.  Quite a few of the pieces ended up being finished outside of the project.  Sometimes all that was needed was to mount it to canvas, but some pieces needed more quilting and the edges finished as well.  Sailing is 20″ x 20″ and is mounted on canvas.  Available here.




Continuing with my improv theme, Day 36 found me wanting to play with some scraps.  I have a lot of small bits of black and white fabric and, every once in a while, I decided I need to do something with them.  I started with the idea of making some long black lines  If I recall, the original blocks were about 4″ wide by 8″ tall.  I did not like where I finished after Day 36, so I set the project aside for a bit to let it marinate.




A windy March day inspired this 12″ x 9″ tree for days 37 and 38. It is 12″ x 9″ and mounted on canvas.  Available here.





My friend Lynn Harris and I like to go to art exhibits together from time to time.  Once year we did it just about every month.  We haven’t been going that often over the past year or so, but, just at the start of the pandemic (March 5 to be exact) before we all learned about social distancing and stay at home orders, we ventured into Ohio to see Color Improvisations 2, curated by Nancy Crow. It was incredible and inspiring.  It reminded me that Nancy sometimes has students work with a particular motif.  With that in mind, on Day 39, I created these two versions of a motif that I might play with in the future.


As the news got increasingly alarming over that week, I created “My Brain on Coronavirus” for Day 40.  6″ x 6″.

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  • Karen Swann
    Posted at 12:59h, 09 July Reply

    Love your Brain on Coronavirus quilt. Looks suspiciously like the coronavirus models we keep seeing–well played 🙂

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