Introducing Stellar!


Don’t you just love a star quilt?   For me, stars combine the mystery of the universe with a lovely helping of cheerfulness.  They are such an optimistic shape.  And what could make a star even better? If it is a friendship star, of course.  So I designed Stellar to spread a constellation of goodwill across your quilt.

Stellar had to feature an asymmetrical layout.  Not just because I’m a fan of them in general, but because it reminds me so much of our camping trips and how much I love staring up at the night sky to see all the amazing stars that the light from our small city usually blocks when we are at home.  I’m not very good at identifying individual constellations, but the night sky as a whole fills me with wonder and appreciation.

When it came time to make Stellar, I was in a soft color mood and turned to the pale teals and dark aquas in my stash.  I set them against a creamy off-white.  The twin sized cover version of Stellar was made with fat quarters so that all the stars are the same fabric.  The pattern includes information for using charm packs as well, so you can make a scrappier version if you like.  I’m dying to make another version myself.  I can’t quite decide what colors to use.  I think I might like to make a more dramatic version, but then a scrappy Christmas charm pack version is also appealing this time of year.  I’ll let you know when I make up my mind!

The Stellar pattern includes 6 sizes all the way from a table runner to a queen/king sized quilt.  It also includes my favorite method for making half square triangle blocks.  Get the PDF version here or the paper version here.  Shops can get them from me or at Checker (Brewer and United Notions should have them soon too).

Do you have any color suggestions for me?

PS Don’t you love that quilting by Kathy of ThreadBear Quilting?

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