A lot of life going on…

It’s been a busy summer so far and I haven’t been spending as much time at the sewing machine as I would have liked.

All the things keeping me away are wonderful, major life events.  My son graduated from college in June and got married last weekend.  He and his wife did just about all the planning and organizing themselves.  Although, at one point it seemed I was spending a crazy amount of time figuring out what to wear to each event (dress, bag, shoes, jewelry,…)!  Their colors were pale shades of green and blue ranging from mint to aqua.  I was lucky to find the perfect long navy blue lace dress!

Everything went beautifully and they are so happy.  My son started a new job today too.  They are hoping to plan a proper honeymoon for next summer.

My daughter is starting college this fall, so that has taken lots of moral support and organizing time too.  We’ll be going to orientation/registration next week.  She is on the dorm wait-list, so keep your fingers crossed that she’ll have somewhere to live!  I’ve been helping her look through the course catalog to figure out what she might like to take (her major is undecided yet) and there are so many interesting options, it almost makes me wish I was going.  Of course, not really, as I love my quilting world, but there sure are a lot of fascinating things to study.

Well, that is probably enough rambling from me!  Let’s see if I can get to my sewing machine in the next couple of days before I go to the Glass City quilt show.  How about you, are you getting any sewing done this summer?

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  • Anne / Springleaf Studios
    Posted at 16:06h, 21 July Reply

    Congrats on graduations and a wedding. Such an exciting time to be heading off to school and a new adventure. I have one out of college and one finishing up college next year. I'm finally enjoying the empty nest and finding more time to sew. If only I would sew more instead of being on the computer. Balancing them isn't easy. Enjoy your down time for the summer and look forward to lots of sewing once your daughter is gone.

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