Focus and Action

When it comes time to decide which quilt to make next, do you ever have trouble deciding?  Obviously, there are some that need to be made at certain times, but the rest?  Too many good choices can be paralyzing for some of us.

I have this problem with Esch House Quilts sometimes too.  There are so many wonderful ways to participate in this amazing industry and so many fun things to do, sometimes I don’t know what to do next!  I already know I can’t do it all – at least not at the same time.  So, I’m at a conference in Atlanta today (and yesterday) to help me get some better focus, choose what to do next and how to get it done.

I made a good start in the process yesterday and look forward to getting further along today.  If you have any good tips on prioritizing, organizing and getting things done, I’d love to hear them!

  • Rachel
    Posted at 01:17h, 13 June Reply

    I had been feeling like this recently too, so many options it was easier not to start. Then I decided to make all the quilts in Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts and I can't believe how good it feels to have so many quilts already planned out. I'm so excited to get stuck in. Not sure that's a very useful answer but it worked for me 🙂

  • Anne / Springleaf Studios
    Posted at 16:20h, 12 June Reply

    Hi Debbie. Please do share some of what you learn because I have the same trouble. An abundance of ideas/designs and sometimes a lack of focus on what to do next.

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