Classic Stocking!

Classic Stocking

Procrastinators Unite – there is still time to make a  new stocking or two!  The original version of my Classic Stocking was a scrappy one with lots of little pieces of neutrals (see below).  I made it about two years ago for the younger of my two children.  It was time my older child had a new stocking too!

I took time and personality into account in selecting my fabrics.  I opted not to go with so many small pieces and to use one piece of amazing fabric.  Misha has a life-long fascination with Japan and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit there for two weeks about seven years ago.  I’m honestly not sure if the writing on this print is actual Japanese or not, but the feel is right!

Scrappy Classic Stocking

Using one piece of fabric made this project a lot faster and the whole thing only took me about two hours,  Given that the one piece of fabric was lighter weight than the original scrappy version, I used a piece of fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric to give it a bit more body.

(I’m hoping Misha isn’t reading my blog this week and I can keep this a secret until Christmas morning – wish me luck!)

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