Fun-Size Quilts winner!

Thanks for playing along everyone!  It was such fun to read the things that you don’t put on your to-do lists.  I wish I could have replied to all your comments, but I did read and enjoy them all.  My highly unscientific poll suggests that reading, laundry and making coffee were the most popular answers.  A good book and a hot cup of tea are my idea of heaven, so I know where you are coming from.  I don’t read actual books as much as I used to – these days I most often “read” by listening to books on tape while I’m sewing.  The feeling of being transported to another place is still the same, though.

Jess Burns is the winner of the Fun-Size Quilts eBook!  Congratulations, Jess!  Jess says she puts everything on her to-do list except going to work.  I should probably follow her example – some days it seems like I spend all day doing things and then look at my to-do list and none of them were on it!

If you aren’t Jess, you can get a copy of Fun-Size Quilts here.

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