Quilting with a Modern Slant

I’m so happy to tell you about Quilting with a Modern Slant, Rachel May’s new book about modern quilting!  Rachel was kind enough to ask me to be included in the over 70 people she interviewed and profiled for the book.  How amazing is that – 70 perspectives on modern quilting!  Such a wide variety of quilters is bound to add to the conversation.  The list of contributors includes many names you’ll recognize and some you won’t.  Those are the ones I’m most curious about – new quilts, quilters and styles to discover and swoon over 🙂

Milky Way – 84″ x 96″

Of course, there are quilt patterns in the book too.  My quilt in the book is called Milky Way.  I’m afraid I don’t have a good photo of the actual quilt.  My limited photography skills were not up to the challenge of a double/queen sized navy blue quilt.  So, I’ll show you the plan I drew and you can see the actual quilt in the book.

Since I’m usually working on a deadline of one kind or another, I don’t often take the time to make interesting backs for my quilts.  I just sew the yardage that I need together and get to the pinning and quilting.  On this quilt, though, I got inspired to play with the stars on the back.  Maybe because I had talked with Rachel about how quilting connects us with prior generations of women, my Australian heritage was in my mind and I decided to put the Southern Cross on the back of the quilt.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Australian flag, in addition to the Union Jack, it features a constellation of stars called the Southern Cross.  I had to put it on sideways to make it fit and the positioning isn’t perfect due to my block structure, but it was fun to do.

There is a lot more great information about the book and the people involved at quiltingwithamodernslant.com and you can buy the book here*  I can’t wait to clear some time to curl up with this book, a quilt and a nice cup of tea!

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    This book is fabulous….. Your quote about go out and get the next one…..inspired me. I read yesterday on a blog, Lady was scared to slash her fabric, Her elder said well if you make something with it, you will always have it.. thats so true…..

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