Teaching in Atlanta…

Hotel lobby/atrium

I had so much fun teaching in Atlanta this past weekend!  I taught at the Georgia Quilt Show, which is put on by the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo group.  They have lots of shows all over the eastern half of the country, so look and see if there’s one near you.

The trip started off a bit rocky when I forgot to take my driver’s license with me and I had no other ID that would let me board the airplane!  I had put it in my sweatshirt pocket the day before when I went out for my morning walk – I always feel like I should have ID on me when I leave the house.  Of course, I do this all the time, but, naturally, this time I forgot to put the license back in my purse.  My mom came to my rescue by bringing it to me.  Moms are the best! Luckily, I didn’t miss my plane.  Then, when I got to the hotel, my room wasn’t ready and I spent too much time sitting in the lobby.  Once they got that straightened out, it was a very nice hotel and everything went smoothly.

Machine appliqué-ers hard at work!

My first class Friday morning was Hand Appliqué.  Such a nice relaxing way to start the day.  The afternoon class was Machine Appliqué – you can see some of the students working away here.  Saturday morning I taught Bias Appliqué.  All the ladies in my classes (no men this time) were such wonderful and enthusiastic students!  I hope some of them are reading my blog now 🙂  Hi there!

A nice spot for lunch on Friday

My sister lives in Peachtree City, just southwest of Atlanta, so she picked me up after my last class and I got to spend a day with her and her family.  We did a short driving tour of Atlanta (why didn’t I take any pictures!) even though it was raining, enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by her husband and, on Sunday morning, went for a drive to one of the local lakes in their golf cart!  Peachtree City has an entire network of golf cart trails – you can take the golf cart to the grocery store, friends houses and lots of other places in town.  What a great idea!

All that fun aside – it is nice to be back home 🙂  My older daughter leaves for an 11 week study abroad session in London on Thursday, so I’m glad to be with her for a few days.

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  • Leanne
    Posted at 01:16h, 24 September Reply

    It sounds like it was great fun, both the visiting and the teaching.

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