Dorms and quilts

Sorry to have neglected you my bloggy friends!  It has been a whole week since I posted anything.

We left Saturday to move my daughter into her dorm.  It rained the whole day!  Luckily, the times we were doing the most running in and out it was only raining lightly.  Michelle and her longtime best friend are rooming together.  They have a double that has two small rooms.  One has a fireplace in it!  I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to actually use it, but I promised to give her some of my pillar candles to put in for a fireplace effect.

The beds and dressers fit in one room and the desks fit in the fireplace room.  They also have a large closet with some great storage space above it.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but the beds are quite high so there is also storage underneath them too.  If she fills up all that space during the year, we’ll never be able to fit it all in to bring it home next spring!

Of course, I can’t go anywhere without seeing quilt possibilities!  This picture is the outside of her dorm building.  I love the arrangement of the blocks.  There are so many windows that this was the biggest chunk of wall I could take a picture of.  Now that I can look at the blocks a little closer, the arrangement may be random, but it still has a few wheels turning 🙂  If I make a quilt inspired by her dorm that would be a different kind of “dorm quilt” wouldn’t it!

I’m stitching away on my Project Modern entry – not sure if I’m going to make the deadline!

  • Lynne
    Posted at 23:46h, 02 October Reply

    It seems to have been raining here forever – is't that always the way?

    Gload the move went smoothly and things fitted neatly. That block wall does indeed inspire quilting ideas!

  • Lucinda
    Posted at 10:00h, 25 September Reply

    I would not have seen the brick wall as potential design blocks… so I'm glad you pointed that out. I'll keep my eyes open a bit more in the future for this type of inspiration.

  • Brigitte Heitland
    Posted at 06:08h, 25 September Reply

    Isn't it good to know, that your daughter has all these good things like the dorm, her best friend and a mostly caring mother in her background setting her feet on new ground?
    I like the idea you got out of the wall. Actually I couple of days ago I got also a picture from the front of a house on my hands which at once build up as a quilt layout in my imagination – but funny: For me it were the windows, their dark contrast to the wall, what gave me the sketch for a quilt setting 😉

  • Marg
    Posted at 21:41h, 24 September Reply

    Isn't that always the way when you move – rain! Glad it was only light rain.
    Love the pattern on the wall. I look at so many things differently now, always seeing the potential for a pattern.

  • What Comes Next?
    Posted at 14:49h, 24 September Reply

    now that is always a fun treat – moving in the rain! What a great dorm room – so much more character than the box I had way back when. I think that dorm wall would make a wonderful quilt – can't wait to see what you do with the idea.

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