It has been quite warm here for the past few days (above freezing), so the snow has been melting, but there is still plenty on the ground.  I’m looking forward to seeing the crocuses, snowdrops and grape hyacinths coming up.  I was thinking about the carpet of these little flowers you sometimes see in early spring when I chose the colors for this quilt. 

You may remember that I made a Fall version of this quilt so I wasn’t sure if I should make another one.  But, I love the way this design distills things down to the basics.  For the Fall version, I used one variegated thread and quilted many horizontal lines.  For the Spring version, I used the same horizontal lines, but chose three different threads.  Following the idea of the naturalized bunches of flowers in the woods, I made “puddles” of variegated thread around the (mostly) matching colored pieces in the quilt.

I had originally intended to use a green variegated thread too, but I stitched one line and decided the greens did not cooperate with each other.  I opted to leave it out rather than interrupt myself with a trip to the store.

  • sew katie did
    Posted at 04:39h, 02 June Reply

    I love the color and simple design. You just free motioned the lines I take it?

  • Marty's Fiber Musings
    Posted at 12:59h, 09 March Reply

    Don't make me choose – wow, I love this one as much as your fall quilt!

  • Quilt Inspiration
    Posted at 09:55h, 09 March Reply

    oh, yes…. Fantastic ! What a beautiful quilt. Love the greens. The quilting lines really set off the horizontal lines of the colored pieces. WOW!

  • Hollie
    Posted at 03:44h, 08 March Reply

    I adore this quilt. It's gorgeous.

  • CityHouseStudio
    Posted at 01:37h, 07 March Reply

    It's just beautiful. I love your quilting, the colors, everything about it!

  • jill/marny
    Posted at 00:43h, 07 March Reply

    Love how you distilled your design–very modern effect too. The "flaps" of color peeping out of the background are a strong statement. We had snow here today, so your quilt speaks Spring especially loudly to me. Great job.

  • Laura
    Posted at 16:48h, 06 March Reply

    This quilt has a lot of impact! Very artful! Love it!

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