Variation on a theme

I have a spot in my kitchen that I like to hang seasonal wall quilts.  This time of year is always a struggle.  It is too late for Christmas, but too early for Spring.  January makes me think of lots of blues, but that makes me cold and wouldn’t really look good in my kitchen.

So I decided to make a wall hanging variation of my Traffic Pattern design.  I have had this idea sketched out for a long time as a short, wide wall quilt.  But the spot in my kitchen is tall and narrow.  Easy solution – turn it sideways.

So here it is as a work in progress.  I’m not loving it.  The birds are too small – especially in real life where the background looks busier than in this photo.  I also need to work on rearranging the blocks with the birds in them.  The flow isn’t quite right yet.

When I was a newer quilter, I would have been so upset that I “wasted” so much fabric.  I’m a little more relaxed about it these days and consider it part of my design process.  Nobody can expect to get every design right the first time!

What do you put on your walls after the holidays?  Do you have winter wall quilts or do you jump straight to Spring?  Stay warm!

PS  I try to reply to those of you who make comments here.  However, if you have not entered your email address in your Blogger profile, I get a “no reply” address and have no way to reach you.  If you like it that way, of course that is fine, but I didn’t realize how it worked when I first started using Blogger and was glad when another blogger pointed it out.

  • Martys Fiber Musings
    Posted at 12:22h, 26 January Reply

    Nice….very nice!

  • Lynn
    Posted at 01:41h, 23 January Reply

    I love having a peek into your process. I like the design but I see what you mean about the birds fighting with the background pattern.

    I still have fabric waste guilt. That is why my modern quilt challenge is still in a crumpled pile on my cutting table.

    I hope to get back to it some day but I have some other projects that I need to do for other people.

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