Trying to decide…

which color group to go with.  This picture is not very color accurate – the blues are a little less intense and the yellows are a little more intense.  The grey is the same in both options.  Do all my quilts have to include grey?  Apparently, lately, they do!  It is my current color obsession.  I do have some projects in the queue that are other colors, but they won’t rise to the top of the pile for a little while.

Speaking of piles, Julie from Jaybird Quilts wrote a post on organization the other day.  I love the idea of “all flat surfaces should be clear” and “a place for everything and everything in its place.”  But I always have more things than places!  Plus, I’m a person who likes to have my work in progress where I can see it – out of sight is out of mind.  I vastly prefer to work in a nice, neat space, but it usually doesn’t work out that way.  Currently, my books, magazines and papers are threatening to take over my sewing space.  I guess I need more filing space and to get rid of some of them – yikes!

I’ll have to take the time to straighten things out soon because it is getting unworkable.  I used to work full time in an office and would just have to stop to clean and reorganize from time to time.  Coworkers would inevitably notice my cleaning and stop by to say something along the lines of “Gee, I guess you don’t have much work to do today.”  The reality was that I had too much work to do to waste time looking for things in piles – so, time to clean, organize and clear!

So which colors do you prefer?  Left side (coal, cadet, curry) or right side (coal, delft, mustard)?

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  • Laurel H.
    Posted at 04:01h, 18 January Reply

    Um…there's a difference? lol! Me, I'm a red person, so if there's no red, I am not drawn to it…

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