Ann Arbor Art Fairs

Ann Arbor, MI (where I live) is in the midst of annual Art Fair craziness!  If you aren’t familiar with the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, there are four of them that run at the same time for four days every July.  We expect approximately half a million visitors to our town from Wednesday to Saturday this week.  The work shown at the fairs runs the gamut from stuff for decorating kids’ rooms and pottery mugs to amazing paintings and sculptures that would be at home in any high end gallery.
The Art Fairs basically take over the entire center of town from the southeast end of the main University of Michigan campus to the western end of the Main Street area.  People who live here tend to either love them or avoid them.  Of course, I definitely fall into the “love them” camp!  Here are a few pictures I took on Wednesday morning.   (For those of you who know Ann Arbor, these were taken near State and William Sts.)   I made a quick tour around the block before I went to work saw lots of great art. 
I never used to like anything made with metal, but there are some amazing metal artists out there and I have been converted over the past few years.  There are very few, if any, quilt artists at the fairs.  The one or two I have seen in recent years have moved more into the fiber art area where they frame what might be called a quilt top.  Perhaps the work sells better this way, but it doesn’t make me want to reach out and touch it the way quilts usually do.
We went to the Fairs with a friend last night, but ended up cutting the trip short due to rain.  I probably won’t be able to make it there today, but I am hoping to visit tomorrow morning before it all closes down for another year.
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  • Rossie
    Posted at 15:07h, 23 July Reply

    see, i have a love/hate relationship with Art Fair. I'm glad we have it, I just want more from it!

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