College Visit #1

I spent Thursday and Friday visiting Oberlin College with my daughter and her friend.

They are juniors this year. Oberlin had a really nice program where they spent a night in the dorm with other freshman girls. The program continued on Friday with a campus tour, visits to classes, lunch in the dining hall and interviews for the girls.

Brief info about Oberlin College: a small liberal arts college; about 2500 students with another 500 at Oberlin Music Conservatory; a very small town; great academic program; located in Oberlin, OH.
The girls were not wild about me taking their pictures, so I took a lot of pictures of buildings (which I like to do anyway). Oberlin has a lot of different architectural styles.

My favorite was the King Building (top picture) where most of the liberal arts courses are held. I love the sort of modern gothic feel of it and would love to figure out a way to translate that into a quilt.

In order from the top, the other buildings are:
The Science Center, the Music Conservatory, Stevenson Dining Hall and Mudd Center (the library).

The other colleges my daughter wants to visit are all on or near the East Coast, so we are working on a plan to visit them later this year.

I’m sorry for the layout of the pictures and text in this post. I have so much trouble with Blogger getting pictures and text (returns) to stay where I put them! I really need to dedicate some time to figuring this out!

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  • jacquie
    Posted at 00:53h, 11 March Reply

    we looked at oberlin with our son too…didn't decide to go there, but a great program.

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