Well before my mother fell on Dec 4, we were in the throes of planning an addition to our house so that she could move in with us. The addition is a large master-suite style space off our family room.

As any of you who have done this sort of thing before know well, everything takes longer than you think it will. I won’t bore you with all the delay details, but they finally dug the hole on Dec 7. Right now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the footings can be poured before it is too cold for concrete. If we can get that done, progress should allow her to move in properly sometime late winter/early spring. I say properly, because she is currently living with us in our living room. We did not factor her fall into our plans!

Mom is having surgery tomorrow to make sure her arm heals properly and increase the amount of movement she can regain. I’m afraid any quilting content will be a bit scarce for a while.

I hope you and yours are well and enjoy your holidays!
  • kwiltmakr
    Posted at 20:37h, 16 December Reply

    I hope your mom heals quickly and the constructions goes fast.

  • Frogdancer
    Posted at 19:27h, 16 December Reply

    I hope that everything goes smoothly from now on. Just tell her that we Aussies are tough… she'll heal in no time!

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