Detroit Urban Craft Fair

I am a regular listener to Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood’s Craftsanity podcast ( Sometime ago Jennifer went to an alternative/indie craft show in Chicago and I thought it sounded great. While I really love the idea of craft fairs, many of them around here have way too high a percentage of country style items to suit my taste. (Note: I don’t mean to insult anyone’s work by any means – I am merely saying it isn’t for me).

So when I heard about the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, I knew I had to go and give it a try! The event is sponsored by Handmade Detroit and featured nearly 60 crafters/artisans (

My daughter and her friend went with me (both 16) and we all agreed that we would have bought one of the great screen printed tote bags by the door if we didn’t already own 50 each. I bought this wonderful little bird pendant from WeiOpenSecret. My daughter got this cute top with screen printed trees on the pockets. The same vendor (Garbella) also had a terrific bird print that we loved. Both of these vendors also sell on Etsy as do many of the vendors at the fair.

A friend of mine said they had a fair in Ypsilanti this spring. Ypsi is much closer to me – I’ll have to keep my eyes open and go next year. I hope you have a chance to visit an art or craft fair near you this holiday season.
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