Creme Francaise

I designed and made this quilt in early 2007. It has lots of overlapping shapes. It wasn’t hard to draw, but not so easy to piece! I ended up appliqueing a few of the corners down instead of redesigning it or cutting the pieces differently.

When I first drew the quilt, I imagined making it with lots of bright colors. Perhaps some of my hand dyed fabrics. By the time it rose to the top of my priority list, I envisioned something more neutral. I hadn’t made a quilt before this one using so many neutrals, but I found I really enjoyed their subtlety and calming effect.

The fleur-de-lis has long been a favorite shape. I studied French for many years and did a lot of reading about French royalty in my teenage years. It seemed to fit this quilt.

Creme Francaise is approximately 37″ x 32″.

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