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This sudoku quilt is one of the first quilts I designed about two and a half years ago! Of course, I can’t claim to be the first one to think of the idea of a sudoku quilt, but the design is my own.

I made it very soon after in these summery colors. I remember I was listening to a book on tape where the main character spent an extended period of time in the Caribbean! I couldn’t call it anything else but Summer Sudoku!

Earlier this year, I was in love with the black, white and yellow color scheme and had seen some fabrics that I was dying to purchase. I held out until I went to a quilt show in Shipshewana in June and one of the vendors had lots of fat quarters in this color scheme displayed together. Some were from the same fabric line and some weren’t but they all went together beautifully. I couldn’t resist any longer and bought a half dozen or so.

After I got home I was trying to figure out what to do with them and decided to make another version of my Sudoku quilt. I always like the idea of making my quilts in more than one color version, but I often don’t get around to it. I’m glad I did in this case. This quilt is called Sudoku Streetlight. I have to thank my older daughter for help with the name – all I could think of was bumblebees and taxis!
(Sorry about the way the photos appear in this post. In the preview, the photos are side by side; then when I publish it they stack like this -very annoying.)
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