Missing Halloween costumes?

A brief detour from quilts:

For many years, I have made my girls’ Halloween costumes and had a great time doing it. We had a ritual. Every year, in early September I would start asking them what they wanted to be. They would always go through lots of ideas.

As the first of October approached, we would go to the fabric store and pick out patterns and fabric. It was always an interesting negotiation between what they wanted and what I thought I could manage given time and financial constraints. One year my older daughter wanted a long cape as part of her costume. The first fabric she saw that she loved was $18/yard and we needed at least 3 yards! Luckily, we found some she liked just as well for $3/yard.

I have made many princess outfits, several wizard/mage variations, witches, Felicity from American Girl and a full fledged bride (among others)!

My girls are older now and I don’t really have time to make these elaborate costumes, but I do miss it. I wish I had some photos of the costumes to show you, but they were all well before I had a digital camera.

These shots of my girls were taken in Dec 08 (my older daughter doesn’t like having her picture taken and tends to make silly faces any time I try) and Oct 09 (younger daughter on her fourteenth birthday).
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